Global Oneness Festival - Ancient Futures at NewEarth Haven-Bali

Global Oneness Festival Launches: Ancient Futures

A global oneness festival, now known as Ancient Futures launched in April 2017 by the NewEarth Project, a worldwide sovereignty movement.

400 conscious Souls (from approximately 38 countries) gathered in Indonesia amidst NewEarth's bio-architecture domes and Akasha 7-star organic restaurant (part of NewEarth-Haven) for the inspirational opening ceremonies led by wisdom keepers from all corners of our beautiful spaceship Earth.

Join us again in 2018... The Ancient Futures inaugural festival was a global gathering of aligned hearts and minds coming together to co-create a sustainable, solution-based vision of our future through play, movement, learning, teaching, celebration, and an exploration of the elements (platonic solids). Ancient Futures is both about remembering and honoring who we are, in connection with the land, the firmament and each other... and, about utilizing all the information, materials and technology we can access in order to shift paradigms and evolve collective consciousness to the next stage of humanity.

Festival Featured Pure Truth Symposiums

Symposium is the teaching and learning educational component of the gathering, representing a diversity of disciplines through talks, panel discussion, films and workshops. Our aim at the NewEarth Project is to inspire and illuminate through providing a platform to share knowledge, experience and ideas.

Strands of the Symposium followed key themes around the core mission of collaboratively visioning a New Earth; and each day creatively followed the theme of its own element: earth, water, air, fire, ether. Click here for more info on Symposium presenters:

It was an honor to be invited to participate in this astonishing global oneness festival, now known as the Ancient Futures Festival.

As a Symposium speaker and also a panelist with Sacha Stone, Michael Tellinger and others.. I presented a powerpoint on the vital recalibration of learning.

The talk was entitled, The ABCs of NewEarth University: Altruistically Building Community.

We have infinite gratitude to the Balinese people and the spirits of the land for allowing us to hold the gathering. Without our hosts this festival would not have been possible. So, our intention was to honor and recognize the Balinese in every way possible - even after the event.

All were deeply moved that the Wisdom Keepers from the first nations people of Bali, Canada, Mexico, Russia, North America and Columbia shared their knowledge in talks, workshops, healings and ceremony throughout the five days of Ancient Futures.

A New Planetary Metric

We are in times of transition – of shifting into a new paradigm where what it means to operate in relation to the increasingly defunct State and its ‘ruling’ institutions is changing. The archaic political, economic, social and legal systems born of a different era are no longer applicable to how we find ourselves as individuals, currently.

As a Planetary Community we are experiencing healing (evolutionary) crises in every aspect of our lives and we need to endow ourselves with the tools to navigate this transition on both the personal and trans-personal level. We are compelled to come together to connect and create tangible solutions to what does not serve us as individuals or as communities for the benefit of all humanity.

The aim of this global oneness festival known as Ancient Futures hosted by the NewEarth Project is to provide a sacred space to do this through the co-creation of an alchemical environment in play, celebration, nourishment, healing, learning and teaching. We ignited the spark so now those who attended may - in turn - ignite the spark in others for 2018 and beyond...

We nurtured the sovereign creative expression within us all.

Our 2017 inaugural festival was a seed-event for visionary creatives, change-makers, and thought-leaders who can be bridge-builders between communities across the world and thereby inspire others. It was a gathering of hearts and minds where imagination manifests as reality and the unthinkable becomes the norm.

It is time for a change of perspectives, values and priorities in a world of infinite possibility.

The time is Now.

Please join us in lovely Bali for the next Ancient Futures experience.

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