Ultimate Brain Exercise

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Types of Meditation
360 Methods for Spiritual Fitness

About this author Rev. Dr Nancy Ash, DD, PhD
The Ultimate Brain Exercise As a serious practitioner and instructor in the vast field of the science of mind training for more than 30 years, the ultimate exercise for the brain is most definitely meditation.

The purpose of this general discussion will be an introductory overview into types of meditation methods with an emphasis on sacred, spiritual fitness as a portal to the Soul.

Ultimate Brain Exercise

Brain Exercise: "Alpha Waves"
Let's take a brief look at our brain, which is (along with our heart, as we know from cutting-edge science from HeartMath) the primary physical organ of our mind. Although, remember that the intelligence of our mind is present everywhere throughout our body. Especially in our "heart-mind."

The brain has two hemispheres, two sides, the right and the left. Our right brain is the more "creative" side, where we "meditate from." The left is responsible for linear, analytical thinking, computing numbers, etc. We know from fascinating, cutting edge research in Neuro Technology more detail but for the purposes of this discussion I keep it simple.

There are four types of measured brain waves: beta waves, alpha, theta and delta waves. Alpha waves are "meditative state" waves, so it is desirable to bring your mind into the alpha rhythm. To learn more about "alpha" meditation, I have an entire page devoted to explaining brain wave function so you may choose to go here for Alpha Waves - Meditation Methods.

Why meditate?

Meditation is the most beneficial and ultimate way to stretch and strengthen your mind. What do I mean by that? Well, stretching your mind means that you expand your view and therefore expand your consciousness. Imagine the arising thoughts of your mind becoming more flexible, spacious, peaceful, and more gracious and accepting.

Strength of mind means healthy, grounded, stable and balanced in your thinking, decision making processes, etc. So in essence, various types of meditation methods improve the fitness of our mind, and that is a very good thing. Don't you agree? You may choose to actually do a brain exercise right now (my unique, sphere meditation visualization) click here for this experience.

The benefits of establishing a meditation practice or doing lots of brain exercise are scientifically documented. Here in the 21st Century, meditation is no longer 'on the fringe.' It's certainly accepted as a viable and practical, effective method for reducing and managing stress levels. However, at this stage of development in humanity it is crucial to understand meditation methods as the ancients did: Portals to the Soul.

In this very moment you're reading these words, we are all experiencing a tremendous upwards, accelerating shift in our consciousness. Our vibratory frequency is evolving. As in all life forms: We grow or die.

It is no accident, coincidence or happenstance that you are here today reading about brain exercise in 360, which is a circular journey to wake up and see clearly a healing vision in all directions: 360-degrees.

I believe your Soul guided you here.

That's what I mean by a portal to the Soul. This whole web-site is a portal. Meditation is a portal. You don't have to open any doors... the sacred space is right in front of you leading the way to wholeness, to fulfillment of your higher purpose. So, "brain exercise" if you don't already do some form of it, is a necessary part of expanding consciousness and becoming aware of the nuances of your mind and its functioning. Let a specific path speak to you... call to you. As Don Juan teaches his student Carlos Castaneda:

"If the path does not have heart… you will know."

Follow your heart. As I always say: "Follow your heart-of-hearts." What is a heart-of-hearts? Your SOUL. Your Divine Essence. Your God-ness, Higher Self or Buddha Nature. Whatever you're comfortable calling IT.

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Types of Meditation Methods
Let's look at a few kinds of meditation from a general, overarching 360 view. There are many more meditation methods that I haven't mentioned here. This list is simply a sample like a course I've taught before called, The Meditation Sampler, designed for newer students to the art and science of training the mind for enlightenment.

Webster's Dictionary defines meditation as follows: "act of meditating; deep, continued thought 2. deep reflection on sacred matters as a devotional act. Meditate: "to reflect upon; study; ponder 2. to plan or intend, to think deeply and continuously; reflect; muse."

Meditation is a very big subject as you see by this extensive, yet very partial list. Click on some links for more details:

Ultimate Brain Exercise: Types of Meditation Methods

  • Visualization meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • OM meditation
  • Japa meditation
  • TM meditation
  • Guided meditation
  • Chakra meditation
  • Communion meditation
  • Manifestation meditation
  • Shamata meditation
  • Vipasana (insight) meditation
  • Dzogchen meditation
  • Deity meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Mandala meditation
  • Nadam (sounds of nature) meditation
  • Walking meditation
  • Labyrinth Walking meditation
  • Zen (zazen) meditation
  • Sky meditation
  • Breath meditation
  • Movement (conscious) meditation
  • Dance (Nia) meditation
  • Shine ('shee ney') (counting numbers/breaths) meditation
  • Christian (contemplation) meditation
  • "Indian" yogic meditation
  • Yoga Asana (360) meditation
  • Cosmic meditation
  • Object (ex, flower) meditation
  • Eating meditation
  • Bubble meditation
  • Body (Sufi Dancing) meditation
  • Love (path through emotion) meditation
  • "Alpha Waves" meditation
  • Sensory Awareness meditation

...and so many more from other Sacred Traditions.

If you're just beginning to learn about meditation, it doesn't matter what religion, if any, that you follow. Anyone can practice this ancient healing art.

Just watch your breath. Notice everything without making judgement or any mental comment. Do not accept or reject anything arising in your mind or environment (ex., any noises you hear). Be gentle with yourself as you start stretching and strengthening your mind with brain exercise. Be compassionate. Be patient.

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Thank you for supporting my ministry to a world of Oneness. So very appreciated.

Practice 'watching your breath' I help you through a simple meditation, step-by-step. You CAN exercise your brain! It's spiritual fitness. As written as a theme throughout Doing a 360 (the book): "If I can do it... you can do it, too."

Thanks for visiting. Have fun traveling around my online home for transformation, going full-circle. In Oneness with Blessings, Rev. Dr Nancy

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