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Welcome to my 360° BlogSphere! It's a mini-journal about healing meditation methods and new spiritual stress management strategies to help change your life--completely. It...

-- Lets you know whenever any new web pages or modifications appear on Doing a 360° with cutting-edge info to help turn your life around full-circle...that's three hundred and sixty degrees.

-- Keeps you up-to-date with other postings or news about sacred tips and tools for the new style of 360° Yoga.

-- Points out helpful ideas you may have otherwise missed!

-- Lets you know when I'm ready to send out the Doing a 360° Healing Meditation Methods e-zine (in case you don't like to give your e-mail address, or if your ISP tends to over-filter causing you to miss an issue).

Here's how all this works:
If you are new to RSS (like I was once), please avoid feeling intimidated. It's easier than it may seem right now. Your e-mail isn't even required!

What is RSS?
It means 'Really Simple Syndication'
New to it? Click on the "What's an RSS Feed?" (the tiny type under the orange button to your left). subscribe to 360° BlogSphere:

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4. Now...paste that URL into your RSS reader. That means: Place cursor in appropriate block, RIGHT click, and choose "paste".

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Once you start you'll be amazed at what RSS can do: It's the NEW AND EASY way that web-information is distributed. Think of this system like a paper-boy/girl delivering your newspaper (blog) right to your door. It's that simple!

Once you get the hang of it, you'll love it. Enjoy...this is fun!

What is a Blog?
Blogs have literally reshaped the web! They have created a voice for millions of people worldwide since 1999. A blog can be a news outlet, a personal diary...even a daily pulpit or cyber-space soapbox. Blogs come in unlimited shapes, sizes and flavors...there's no limit.

Blogs allow us to connect with each other like never before in history. A student from Mali can link with another in Canada, Brazil or Russia. A housewife from the USA can discuss life with another in Greenland or Ireland. Blogs are a place that you can share ideas and information; they have impacted politics, and really jolted the world of journalism & publishing.

Generally, new material shows up at the top of a blog so visitors can read what's "new"...then they comment on it, or link to it...or e-mail to it. Professional Bloggers use blogs to publish their breaking-news; personal journalers reveal or share their inner thoughts like Memos to the world.

Share your voice--be heard.

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