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What does "Doing a 360" mean? (three-sixty)

A HEALING VISION for Mind Body Soul Spirit It means turning your life around - completely. It means going full-circle, creating conscious choices and living a deliberate life.

Through powerful Divine Guidance I coined this simple, contemporary phrase in 2006. You see, I "Did a 360" and completely changed my life to follow Soul-Spirit's purpose or blueprint (which for me is guiding and advising good people like you with a unique awakening process).

And, if I can do it, you can, too. Change YOUR life - totally.

360 = ONE (1) Every journey begins with ONE step.

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Rev Dr. Nancy Ash, Creator of Doing a 360 - a healing vision for mind body soul spirit

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ALL ONE: Your Mind Body Soul Spirit

"Doing a 360" is a healing vision: Waking up to see life from an enlightening, all-encompassing view in the present moment.

Imagine standing on top of the highest mountain... seeing EVERYTHING from three hundred and sixty degrees. 360 is spherical, not linear. That means we see the circle of life - everything - "as it is." Nothing is left out: MIND BODY SOUL SPIRIT. We are awakening to our pure, intrinsic true nature.

We "see" from the Soul in this awakening process the entire divine matrix (mandala) of all existence, realizing our creative participatory role in and of it. This 360 - meditation methods - site you're visiting now is designed as a companion for you on this journey to wholeness.

360 Healing Vision - All encompassing One of the author's students in New Zealand

360 BUZZ IS OUT...
This Mind Body Soul Spirit metaphorical message of "Doing a 360" is fresh... and spreading quickly. Thank God, it's got to for the sake of our world and all sentient beings.

If each one of us turns our life around completely, then collectively we raise consciousness to uplift humanity to a world of Oneness, building a quality life for future generations in the new paradigm. That's a heroic spiritual stress management model for the 21st century - and beyond...

Consider: If you are suffering, in a rut, feeling stuck, bored, frustrated, hurt, sick and tired of being sick and tired, rich or poor - it doesn't matter - You must go full-circle.

Doing a 360 is a rite-of-passage. Like the powerful message of Joseph Campbell's circular hero's journey, which is the inspiration for 360, YOU are the hero or heroine, you just may not have awakened to that fact - yet.

With heartfelt intention to raise our vibration, to be happier, loving and more joyful, we enter the sacred circle of transformation on our path to wholeness. Join me here to explore and learn meditation methods, my style of 360 Yoga and much more.

Did you know that 360 = One? Welcome dear reader, to ONEness.

Every journey begins with one courageous step.

Best with Blessings in Oneness, Namasté,
Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash

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