Stress Management Strategies

Spiritual Stress Management Strategies

Treasures to discover ...
Learn powerful and effective spiritual stress management strategies to turn your life around--completely. Welcome to the journey! 360 features healing meditation methods in a spherical, creative and inspiring divine matrix of mind, body, Soul-Spirit.

Empowerment and Transformation:
Re-calibrate yourself to a new way of being. Enjoy lowering stress-levels by learning to meditate; and learn about my style of 360 Yoga: asanas with yoga breathing techniques, deep relaxation and healing visualizations to consciously awaken the Soul-Spirit and connect to SOURCE during (and after) practice.

Awaken to your Soul leading the life you are creating--from ITS blueprint. No one has been, is, or will be as magnificent as YOU!

About your coach, Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash, E-RYT

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Before you read further, pause with me ...
Take a few conscious, complete and relaxing breaths. Feel peaceful in this moment. That's it ... keep breathing slowly... completely... relax your neck and shoulders downward. Soften ... feel your breath, soft and sweet ...

As the vast sky-like essence of mind,
your true nature will be revealed: Open, bright and light.
When you learn to deeply relax (possibly for the first time in life),
you will "feel" your Soul-Spirit.
This means you'll sense (intuit) life moving and flowing
in the inexorable direction that your Soul-Spirit chooses to go.

How will you know?
When your need to ask that question ends.
This is what the Buddha called Certainty Wisdom.

stress management strategies: landscape pictures of meditation from Rev Nancy's collection

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