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What is 360 YOGA?

About this Author Welcome to 360 Hatha Yoga Poses Site-Map. 360 Yoga (three-sixty) is a style of yoga (asana practice) that I developed during decades of teaching... more than 14,500 hours of instruction with wonderful students like you from all walks of life. Whether you're just beginning yoga or a seasoned practitioner, it focuses on a healing spiritual attunement of the physical body to Soul-Spirit during practice. It's an integral, compassionate and intuitive approach to this ancient art and science that honors all sacred traditions. The 360 Yoga style blends the best essence of various schools within a matrix or mandala of the Tibetan Buddhist vehicle (yana) of Dzogchen.

The 360 Yoga method is for everyone. How could it not be since the philosophy is "spherical" -- three hundred and sixty degrees -- a complete view. No one is left out! Not the sick or frail elderly, the obese, the mentally/physically challenged or the strongest of body-builders. Those just beginning yoga are guided to their spiritual heritage through a wonderfully powerful movement system. The emphasis is consciously developing keen awareness of the Soul-Spirit while feeling ITSELF in the temple (the physical body IT has chosen for this lifetime). Soul meets the body: Asanas provide a template or context (as a portal) for connecting with SOURCE.

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Portal to Soul-Spirit is 360 Yoga
Meet my 103 year 'young' student! (photos)
Cobra Pose, one of many hatha yoga poses from Rev. Nancy's collection

Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash, E-RYT/500 in Cobra Pose

Founder of 360 Yoga Nancy Ash created the 360 style of hatha yoga poses through divine inspiration in 2006. An ordained Interspiritual Minister and certified Creative Wellness Instructor since 1985, Nancy is also a long-time practitioner of both Hatha Yoga and Dzogchen of Tibetan Buddhism. She has a reputation as a warm and compassionate pioneering teacher that blends her deep spiritual devotion to Soul-Spirit with humor and fun. Reverend Dr. Ash is a nationally registered teacher with YA as a RYT500 and E-RYT500, which means she has the most extensive/highest level of credentialed experience. (14,500-plus hours and counting!)

"When Soul meets the body... all is calm and clear. Joy arises and abides from ineffable awareness of your true nature." -- Nancy Ash

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