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Spiritual Stress Management Article:

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1) Spiritual Stress Management Article:

Doing a 360: Sacred Spherical Strategies for Optimal Living
JUNE Issue, 2008, "TRANSITION"
By Rev. Nancy Ash, E-RYT

In last month’s Dayspring, our beloved founder Rev. Dr. Barb Selwa, shared her helpful insights on death. As I read the wonderful article I was strongly guided to my computer for this column as an expansion of it—like a spoke from the hub of a wheel. The timing (always and all ways in perfect order)—is NOW for us to focus on the shift in consciousness taking place globally. Recently this has been spearheaded by the first, free world wide web open-classroom teaching, (viewed by a million people) that was facilitated by Oprah Winfrey and Eckart Tolle, based on his latest book, A New Earth.

Yes, timing is everything because it is divine. With our awareness we help guide those that are just awakening to these higher principles. When the movie and subsequent book The Secret took the world by storm we were there to share and explain the concept presented. This foundational teaching (as others) awakened many Souls to their individual and collective memories. As Ministers we are constantly aiding others to ‘see’ the light...while expanding our own realizations. In circling back to death, I realize the utmost importance of using the word transition.

Words are powerful...aren’t they? One might say, ‘Oh, it’s just semantics.’ However, there is great presence in the choice of words. I’ve made a concerted effort in the last few years to describe someone’s death as only a transition, a change in the state of being. Beingness can not die—it is ever present, omnipotent and omniscient. We don’t die. This is a fact. We live consciously in the divine matrix of life so we know this as Truth. As Rev. Dr. Selwa so graciously explained, even she was surprised at her lapse in awareness when falsely using conventional thinking that her husband was gone, or lost. Sympathy cards for purchase say this also: “sorry for the loss of your mother” or, “sympathy in the loss of your son”...etc.

A 360° Sacred Spherical Strategy is to contemplate transition. Traditionally June is the wedding month in which many of us perform lovely ceremonies for those making a transition into matrimony. Let’s also focus on the use of words as we counsel about ‘death.’ Even in day-to-day conversations over coffee with a friend, emphasize the concept of transition in speaking about the lie of death. When discussing my mother (who made her transition when I was a teenager), sometimes I catch myself about to use phrases like: ‘she died so young’...or, ‘her death was...’etc. It’s interesting to feel the energy in those listening. Often there’s great resonance—an awakening—as their Soul’s memory is re-activated in that present moment. To reiterate Rev. Dr. Selva’s advice about grief: “Watch carefully what you’re telling yourself. Make sure that you correct the lie with the Truth.”

What a glorious time to be consciously present on this plane as we uplift humanity in transition to a new earth!

Yours in the Greatest Degree of Love, Nancy

The Rev. Nancy Ash, E-RYT is an ADL Ministerial Trainer, and long-time practitioner of hatha yoga and dzogchen. She writes and teaches from the foothills of New Mexico. ©Copyright spiritual stress management article Ash

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2) Spiritual Stress Management Article:

Doing a 360: Sacred Spherical Strategies for Optimal Living
MAY Issue, 2008, "Generosity, The First Paramita, & Sky Meditation"

By Rev. Nancy Ash, E-RYT

You’ve probably heard the saying: “He’ll give you the shirt right off his back!” Years ago I helped publish Prajnaparamita: The Six Perfections by my spiritual friends and mentors, two Tibetan masters of Dzogchen. In our Nov 07 issue, I discussed the fourth paramita (perfection) of joyful effort. Today I share the first—transcendental generosity.

Generosity has many shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. What do I mean by that? Well...according to Buddha’s teaching there are different levels of generosity. Essentially we all know that giving is great. However, if we give with attachment—whether conscious or not—then this is a lower form of generosity practice. For example, you may be the receiver of gifts from a friend. How lovely. Let’s say that after a while each gift gets larger and larger—perhaps a sizable sum of cash—wow! If the benefactor begins to apply conditions in your relationship they may (consciously or unconsciously) be trying to control or manipulate...and you are allowing that into your sphere of influence. Even though ego drives desire, remember, they’re still practicing generosity—which is wonderful. Some try to control others while being stingy, too! Another example: You send a gift and expect to receive a thank you, only to be disappointed it never arrives.

Conversely, if we give away all that we have with highest intention then this is perfect giving. An anonymous donation is perfection of transcendent generosity. When we give with pure perfection it opens our little local self to the High Self. That’s why the first of the six paramitas is generosity. It’s a foundation...the sacred ground of transcendence. Doesn’t it feel good to give? Handing out soup in the kitchen for our homeless; delivering flowers to a friend when it’s not their birthday (just to let them know we care?) Doesn’t it feel good to give without needing anything back? When we feel generous we give freely from our Soul.

This months’ 360° Spherical Strategy is to practice applying a sense of complete openness in your day-to-day activities as an antidote to the obscuration of miserliness. A beautifully effective Dzogchen technique is called Sky Meditation. Meditate on the spacious essence, or sky-like nature of the mind. May is a wonderful month for this practice. The weather is perfect. Sky is vast and blue. From your blanket or lawn chair: gaze upward. Open self to transcendental generosity. Merge with the sky (eyes are open and soft) and rest there in your true nature. Then contemplate how to improve ways of giving. You may wish to start simply with our ministry. Offer to have an ‘angel’ garage sale to raise funds. Help in the office for an hour. Send a card to staff saying thanks!

Yours in the Greatest Degree of Love, Nancy

The Rev. Nancy Ash, E-RYT is an ADL Ministerial Trainer and long-time practitioner of Dzogchen of Tibetan Buddhism. She writes and teaches from the foothills of New Mexico. ©Copyright, spiritual stress management article

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3) Another Spiritual Stress Management Article

Doing a 360:Sacred Spherical Strategies for Optimal Living
APRIL Issue, 2008, "Yoga Relaxation: Savasana"

By Rev. Nancy Ash, E-RYT

Deep relaxation. Ah, is there nothing more wonderful than feeling the deep peace of body, mind and Soul-Spirit? The idea conjures up delicious images of hot tubs, massages and lying on a Maui beach sipping your favorite libation.

True, deep, healing relaxation within the trillions of cells in your body is a beautiful skill that yogis have taught for centuries. As a longtime practitioner of the science and art of yoga, I’d like to share with you a powerful technique of yogic relaxation known as savasana. This month’s sacred spherical strategy (in my opinion) is THE most important hatha yoga pose (asana) there is—especially in these times we’re living in. It is the great antidote to stress, and most importantly: A Portal to the Soul.

During savasana, (if practiced correctly) our Soul feels ITSELF deeply relaxing in the wonderful physical body IT has chosen to use on the earth plane. The great news is that anyone can practice this yoga posture. Though it’s physically “easy” to do, it is considered one of the most challenging asanas to master! Why? Well...it is much more difficult to keep the mind quiet! Allow me to explain a little bit: The word sava is Sanskrit—meaning corpse. The purpose of savasana (pronounced shavasana) is to imitate being a corpse—being lifeless with absolutely no movement. Ah, the Soul really shines brightly in this pose considering there is “no physicality.” With regular daily practice one can develop conscious awareness of Soul within this portal to IT. Whenever I have someone in class that has recently lost a loved one I refer to it as Opossum Pose. What does ‘playing opossum’ mean? When hunted they go “belly-up” pretending they’re dead. Their predators are fooled into thinking they’ve already expired so they move on to other prey. Fascinating, isn’t it? This pose—whatever we choose to call it—can also save our life!

First, prepare your sacred space. Savasana is performed by lying down in a supine position (stretched out completely on your back). You can do this lying in bed if need be. With the feet hips width, the arms are a little bit away from the thighs with palms up, fingers soft. Seasoned practitioners may be able to keep the heels together with toes apart. Eyes are closed. The breath is conscious and deep at first...then allow it to soften; let your lungs breathe by themselves without any direction from you. Stay still for 15-20 minutes. DO NOT fall asleep! Most beginners do...but with practice you will deeply relax while being fully conscious from Soul. In the beginning you’ll “fidget”...that’s okay...it’s your frayed nerves jumping around the nervous system. Just let go and be in the presence of the moment. This is a precious time when your Soul feels alive. The Self is refreshed and rejuvenated. The mind is calm. Healing takes place on a very deep cellular level. When the mind is absorbed it is called moksha, liberation of the Soul.

Yours in the Greatest Degree of Love, Nancy

The Rev. Nancy Ash, E-RYT500 is an ADL Ministerial Trainer and Nationally Registered Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance. She writes and teaches from the foothills of New Mexico. ©Copyright, spiritual stress management article

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