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Welcome. Enjoy articles on stress management I wrote based on fun, cutting-edge weekly classes called Creative Wellness that I taught for 15 years in South Florida. Thank you for visiting today. I'm the creator and managing editor of "Doing a 360" which is a phrase coined through me in 2006 with divine inspiration. Browse around this 360 sacred circle for more info on what that means. Write (click contact button left) if you feel inspired to do so or send a prayer request. I may give you a shout-out (first name only and country) on our weekly radio show.

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It was a great honor and blessing when I was asked to be the featured "yogini" demonstrating the asanas (yoga postures) throughout this unique book, Creative Wellness, authored by one of my mentors, Reverend. Dr. Michelle Lusson. I was also the yoga consultant for this publication.

Creative Wellness went to a second printing in 1994; originally it was published by Warner Books in 1987 (see that cover design here). I was certified as a Wellness Instructor by Michelle back in the early 1980s. Certified Creative Wellness Instructor, Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash

360 Articles on Stress Management

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360 Creative Stress Relief Techniques: Yoga Relaxation

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Creative Wellness
By Nancy Ash

Everyone these days is talking about stress and it seems to be a term that everyone uses lightly. Many people think that stress is a “bad” condition. In fact, I often hear the phrase, “I have been under a lot of stress lately.” Did you know that stress happens to be actually good for you? We need stress in our lives; it is an integral part of the biological scheme of all living forms. Without stress, there would be little creativity, positive change or even self-preservation. Life without the challenges which cause stress-like responses in humans would be no life at all.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors the cavemen, used their stress responses to either “fight or flee” from a dangerous animal such as a lion or a tiger (this is a mechanism of the adrenal glands). In today's high-tech society, our problem is we have too many stressors which drain our vital system energies, causing us to mal-adapt to the stress. We need to adapt more to the overload of stress that surrounds us. Adaptation is the key. A normal response to a stressor is good, and happens when the source of your stress is absolutely clear and identifiable to you. Once you adapt to it, you return swiftly to a normal level of system functioning.

Each Wednesday at noon in the Clubhouse, about forty participants come to listen and learn about stress reduction and stress relief techniques that are creative and even fun. Some topics that have been covered are: personality and the glands, meditation techniques, affirmations, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, applied kinesiology, visualization, and even reflexology—to name a few. We laugh, we listen, we learn together, and there is always time for your questions pertaining to the topic.

Based on the Warner Books publication entitled, Creative Wellness, by Michelle Lusson, these on-going classes demonstrating stress relief techniques are a unique experience. As a consultant to the author for the chapter on yoga, (and a Certified Teacher of the Creative Wellness Programs), I had the pleasure of also demonstrating the postures (asanas) as the featured model in the book. So, here is your invitation to be creatively well—take advantage of it! I look forward to meeting you soon.

Rev Dr. Nancy at Creative Wellness Booth (from her private collection) Here I am with my better half, Jonathan, during a health fair working at the Creative Wellness Program booth. Wow...we both had alot of big hair back then!

In the early 80s I trained and became a Certified Wellness Instructor by the founder of CWP and one of my life-mentors, Rev. Dr. Michelle Lusson.
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