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360 Yoga Albuquerque by Rev. Dr. Nancy from her personal collection (Jon & Bernie in Parighasana: Gate Lock Pose)

Welcome to 360 Yoga Albuquerque. This is the official web-site of The Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash, E-RYT/500 (On-Site, Corporate Yoga)

I know you are busy so here are some stats, quick at-a-glance:

Nancy Ash is Registered Nationally with Yoga Alliance as E-RYT/500. What does that mean for you? She has highest recognized level of credentialed skill teaching with 14,500-plus (yes, that's right, 14 thousand teaching hours). Newer... Yoga Article by Nancy Ash

She's a pioneer in this field teaching consistently since 1977.

Nancy is a Certified Creative Wellness Instructor since 1984; she excels in Spiritual Stress Management and Yoga as Therapy.

She has current Licensure with the City of Albuquerque and maintains Yoga Insurance. As a fully ordained Interfaith, Trans-Denominational Minister since 1985, she brings a seasoned, deep insight and compassion to her class experience. Nancy also holds a Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysics and Spirituality. Since 2010, she's been producer/co-host of a spiritual, talk-radio show, Consider This. FREE shows w/her guided meditations


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360 Yoga Albuquerque: Rev. Dr. Nancy during one of her workshops  "I had the unique pleasure to offer "Doing a 360" workshops as Break-Out Session presenter for more than 300 employees at the 2007 State of New Mexico Metropolitan Court Conference." - Nancy

(Photo Courtesy of Metro Court. Many Thanks from 360 Yoga Albuquerque!)

Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash's Bio-Sketch: Nancy has been devoted to a life in service for thirty-five years uplifting humanity by empowering thousands to “Do a 360” with their lives. In 2010 she launched a global, spiritual, talk-radio show as producer and co-host of "Consider This..." which was instantly picked up by The Art of Living Well Network.

Nancy is a gifted mentor/teacher and counselor with a multi-disciplinary approach. She was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree (D.D.) in Metaphysics and Spirituality; and BA in Creative-Expressive Therapies from the Univ. of Maryland. Rev. Nancy is a nationally certified Wellness Instructor featured in Creative Wellness, published by Warner Books, 1987. A pioneering yoga & meditation practitioner since the 1970s, she's a stress-reduction expert with highest level registration from Yoga Alliance; and she's a member of International Assoc. of Yoga Therapists. Rev. Dr. Ash is a fully ordained Interfaith, Trans-Denominational Minister, and author of an inspirational, self-help book entitled, Doing a 360: Turning Your Life Around to Follow Soul's Purpose.

Check out her book @Amazon.com

Okay, so what can YOU offer to your employees?

Chair Yoga Classes Simple, effective and easy to attend! No mats, no space issues, no worries about bringing clothes to work and changing -- just practice in a chair! These sessions can run 30-55 minutes. Lunch time works nicely. You'd be surprised how much Hatha Yoga you can do in a chair, and then apply what is learned "at your desk."

Traditional Hatha Yoga Classes Tailored to meet your needs. You'll need a larger space. Classes are usually at least 1 hour and students will need mats. Before or after work is best.

Meditation Training Your employees will love learning meditation styles with simple breathing techniques to reduce stress levels. Using chairs they don't have to sit on the floor. Lunchtime or before or after work is nice.

Stress Management Classes These "Creative Wellness" sessions are fun and again, don't require much space -- just chairs, and a towel for lying on the floor for relaxation training. Lecturette and experiential with Yoga.

...at 360 Yoga Albuquerque we can arrange for workshops as well as one-time or on-going classes. The choice is yours.

360 Yoga Albuquerque - chair yoga pose from Rev Dr. Nancy's private collection 360 Yoga Albuquerque - Reverend Dr. Nancy in (padmasana) lotus pose from Rev. Dr. Nancy's private collection 360 Yoga Albuquerque - advanced bridge pose from Rev. Dr. Nancy's private collection

A Few 360 Yoga Albuquerque Testimonials...

2012 Private Session
"Nancy honored my heart, my soul and spirit with great love and healing..." - L. DeMarco, New Mexico

2010 Life Skills Class
"Nancy taught a Life Skills class at our agency on her areas of expertise. The population we serve at Susan's Legacy is very diverse and often carries a lot of stress. Nancy taught the staff, women and children we serve deep breathing and chair yoga - tools we can use at home or in the office. She answered all questions accurately and professionally. The class was tailored to our population to ensure everyone got the most of it. We really appreciate it Nancy - and our women are able to use these techniques at home, at work, and during their support groups. Thanks again Nancy! Everyone loved it."
- Cassie Hortsch, Programs Manager, Susan's Legacy,
Albuquerque, NM

2010 Yoga Albuquerque Workshop
"Nancy showed us simple yoga poses we could do in our office chairs that truly relaxed the stress and re-energized us. We learned tools (poses) that will enable us to transform our work breaks into mini 'retreats'."
- Nico Marie Ashe, Director, Children's Safehouse Network, NM

2009 Yoga Class
“It has been over 30 years since I have taken a yoga class. Over the last several years, my stress level has increased significantly. Nancy came up with a suggestion to use post-it notes at my desk or around the house to remind myself to breathe deeply and get up and walk around. It is amazing how one refresher class has helped me sleep better, loosen up those tight muscles around my neck and shoulders, and remind me to simply “breathe deeply.” We don’t always have to make a long term commitment to bring exercise, meditation or deep breathing back into our life. We just need to start with only a small step and the rest will follow in time. Thanks again for your help – it really is working.”
- Debra Inman, Vice President, Business Development
Albuquerque Economic Development

360 Yoga Albuquerque will get you started...

Here's what to do next...

Send an e-mail: Doinga360@aol.com

After our initial contact, I may come to your facility to view the space and make suggestions. I also offer a FREE mini-class of some type at this time so your employees can meet me. This helps me to help you better.

With feedback from your employees we can tailor a program to meet your company's needs. Once a week is typical unless you want to provide two different classes, such as Chair Yoga and Meditation Classes. Fees start at $100 per session depending on the size and frequency.

My Doing a 360 site is a great reference for yoga albuquerque aspirants. If you have time to browse today, click links below chock-full of info and articles on yoga and stress reduction, etc. ~ Or learn while listening to my radio show at your desk...you're just one click away. Enjoy!

Best with Blessings, Namaste'
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