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At New Earth Nation, you'll meet our worldwide wisdom-keepers, esteemed faculty, fellows and staff of the NewEarth University learning community (known as NEU). As a brain-trust, members are an amalgamation of renowned women and men sharing talents and gifts to manifest the new-paradigm learning arm of the greater, NewEarth Project. We are a global sovereignty movement with a mission to create art, beauty, and consciousness.. supplanting time, fear and money.

Dr. Nancy Ash, DD, PhD is the Executive Director of the NewEarth University, an online coordinate for new ways of being with developing on-site campuses around the world (slated for 2019-2020).

NEU presently has six schools: Natural Law, Socio-Economics & Ecology, Health & Wellness, Science & Design Innovation, The Living Arts, and Consciousness & Spirituality

Launched in 2016 (when NEU was still known as the former NE Institute), watch an inspiring and empowering in-depth program from the NewEarth University, Kaleidoscope, with creator and host Dr. Nancy Ash. Kaleidoscope is NEU's full-spectrum web talk-show featuring some of our greatest minds of today.

Her guest in this episode is Dr. Robert Gilbert, PhD - one of the esteemed Fellows of the NewEarth University. Robert Gilbert is associated with the School of Consciousness & Spirituality. In this heart-centered conscious conversation, Robert and Nancy discuss an overarching Spiritual Science from his Vesica Institute...and how we may access deeper levels of consciousness for new ways of being.

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Professor Ash is joined with a few other worldwide faculty at New Earth University in this 2017 episode of Kaleidoscope discussing natural law, nano science, sovereignty, health & wellness, new-paradigm learning, consciousness and more ...

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A new pathway to pure-truth, conscious learning, and enlightened growth is not a futuristic goal; this critical bridge is evolving here and now.  At NEU we share without discrimination – dynamically bypassing old-paradigm polluted academia and media-manipulated disinformation that has defiled the beauty of real learning.

A center of coordination for planetary unification ~ Join our stewardship of change-makers for the benefit of all living beings.

Open-sourced as a planetary hub for wisdom-keeping, knowledge-sharing and trans-cultural exchange news ways of being rooted in pure-truth.

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