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Top ONLINE University: NETU

Welcome to your introductory overview for a top online university, New Earth Theological University - a cutting-edge Interspiritual Academic Community established in 2008 that has morphed through the years into NETU.  You've been guided to this brief intro written by Rev Dr Nancy Ash, DD, PhD - New Earth Theological University President and Dean of the School of Interspiritual Studies, a Board Member, Professor and Advisor. (Dr Ash is an author and creator of this site, Doing a 360)

The Mission Statement of New Earth Theological University is to facilitate interspiritual academic studies and foundations for leadership and service in creating a world of justice, peace and dignity.

New Earth Theological University is a spiritually diverse, educational community building excellent progressive foundations for leadership, teaching, ministry and service.

Originally founded as one of the finest seminary schools (with online seminary courses) by former president, Dr. Jack Two Hawks Stafford, this academic community was formally known as Metropolitan Interspiritual University. Now it has morphed into a unique, new paradigm top online university. NETU (as it's affectionately called by its diverse faculty and students) evolved in 2016, expanding study and research vistas of consciousness into a postmodern, integral spirituality matrix. Through Dr. Stafford's and Dr. Ash's continued loving vision and stewardship, New Earth Theological University now offers you three unique platforms of study/research:

  • School of Interspiritual Studies facilitates unique graduate and postgraduate interspiritual studies in a broad range of creative academic disciplines, directing the general and interdisciplinary educational programs.
  • NETU Seminary with its integral philosophy of "Reinventing Seminary" continues to provide online seminary courses of study designed for students preparing for ordination in particular faith and interfaith communities. We feel it is cutting-edge and therefore the best online seminary.
  • School of Anthropology & Sociology of Religion - ASR continues as an interspiritual and interdisciplinary research, education and advocacy institute dedicated to addressing practical and theoretical questions arising from the integration of interspirituality in the global community.

If you've been guided to pursue a powerful dream of achieving quality higher education, NETU has exceptional professors, advisors and teachers offering very affordable curriculum leading to a Masters Degree in Divinity; a Master of Arts in Religious Studies; and a PhD program in Religious Studies.

NETU provides inspiring online seminary courses and interspiritual studies in two academic terms each year.

Spring Semester 2017 (January-May) - Online Seminary Courses

Registration opens January 9, 2017
Registration closes January 22, 2017
Courses begin after February 1, 2017
Courses end before May 7, 2017

Thank you with heartfelt blessings for your interest. Have courage; you can do it. Apply today and change your life. Follow your heart-of-hearts and be empowered. Click (the blue contact tab, left) for more info on NETU, one of the finest new paradigm schools.

May your studies at this top online university bear fruit for all sentient beings! 

Love with gratitude in grace,

NETU President

Dr Nancy Ash

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