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Blossom like a beautiful rose with each show, "Consider This..." with Linda Marie & Nancy; part (since 2010) of The Art of Living Well Network, at TAOLW Network

Our unique free online meditation is weaved into our cutting-edge programs for you. Relax and Re-calibrate to a new way of being, to ONEness. Reduce stress and be inspired... that's "Doing a 360." About Your Co-Host, Rev Dr Nancy Ash (right)

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"Consider This..." with Linda Marie and Nancy

Alliance of Divine Love Reverend Doctors, Linda Marie Nelson (L); Nancy Ash (R)

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Learn "360" easy meditation techniques from veteran spiritual coach and instructor of 30-plus years, Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash. We promote ONEness by discussing unity in diversity, honoring ALL perspectives in ALL spiritual traditions. Join us to open your heart and Soul like a tight rosebud blossoming to unsurpassed beauty.

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Guest Author/Poet ~ Mirabai Starr "Dark Night of The Soul" - 12/2011

Thank God for Evolution! - Rev. Michael Dowd - 7/2011

Honoring Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr 2012

Finding Joe! (Joseph Campbell) Filmmaker Pat Solomon - 8/11

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East Meets West: Malas, Mantras, & More - 3 Jewels Meditation

Global ONEness Day Meditation 2011 Steve Farrell/Humanity's Team

Sacred Feminine Meditation - Glastonbury/The Lady of The Well

Mother Earth Meditation - (Sacred New Mexico & Southwest)

Meditation on The 5 Elements of The Fae

Aromatic Alchemy; Oneness Dream Meditation (Honoring MLK 2011)

Spirit Expression Meditation: Honoring Divine Self

Guest, Sean O'Shea - Spiritual People Skills

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