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This is Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash, founding editor of this site, Doing a 360. At The Art of (TAO) Living Well Radio Network on, I was a network Exec Director & Exec Producer, as well as your co-host for free online shows "Consider This..." with Linda Marie and Nancy. "Consider This…" was a cutting-edge, non-religious, spiritual talk-show with beautiful, guided meditations and easy meditation techniques for you to learn. NOW ARCHIVED

Thanks for visiting today. Check out one of hundreds of shows we created in five years on the air, 2010-15. Relax and Re-Calibrate - raise your vibratory frequency and reduce stress levels in five minutes of sacred practice. Feel deep peace ~ Your radio co-host, Rev Nancy Ash, DD, PhD
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You are simply a click away. All the shows are conveniently archived - so, listen anytime - 24/7. Programs feature a lovely guided meditation relating to the show's theme. We discussed Chakras, The Four Immeasurables of Tibetan Buddhism, Mother Earth, Oneness, etc. Too many to list.

Also learn some easy meditation techniques at this 360 website; it's chock full of treasures for you to discover. Enjoy! Best with Blessings in Oneness, Namasté, Nancy Ash

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uBuntu "Oneness" ~ Honoring Rev. Dr. MLK Jr. - 2013

Re-Emergence of The Sacred Feminine - 2013

Dark Night of The Soul - 2012

3nd Annual Global Oneness Day! "Oneness" Meditation 2012

Consider This ~ World Peace Meditation 2011

360 Re-Calibration: Greatest Degree of Love Meditation - 2011

Meditation: The 3 Jewels Featuring Music of Jonathan

Humanity's Team - ONEness Meditation

Meditation: Spirit Expression for Everyone

Meditation: The Lady of The Well - Mists of Avalon

Meditation: 360 Re-calibration - Mother Earth

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Special thanks to spiritual brother and friend, singer/songwriter Sean O'Shea, providing many lovely songs for our free online meditation on "Consider This..." Please visit his beautiful work at

Special thanks to my longtime colleague and friend, singer/songwriter Don Droege, for creating beautiful music for our show's unique 360 meditations.

Also, special thanks to music healer and master, Jonathan Goldman, for allowing us to use many of his songs during our free online shows at this radio network. Please visit his web-site at:

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