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Guided Meditation Script - Photo of Rev. Dr. Nancy at Bodh Gaya, India from her private collection

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"A Sacred Spherical Strategy for Optimal Living: Structured Meditation"

Welcome! to my comprehensive web-site about 360 healing meditation methods. (This photo was taken during my pilgrimage to India in the '90s) Your meditation article (script) below was published online and in print-form as part of a monthly column I wrote for many years entitled, Doing a 360. It's reprinted here from The Alliance of Divine Love Ministry (ADL) Dayspring, international news (February Issue, 2009).

May all beings benefit! Enjoy the script for your meditation.

Doing a 360 by Rev. Nancy Ash, E-RYT, DD, PhD
Sacred Spherical Strategies for Optimal Living

There is a saying: Prayer is talking to God; Meditation is listening to God. One of the most powerful and sacred spherical strategies for optimal living is meditation—the focus for this month’s discussion.

Meditation is such a broad topic. It hosts a wide array of variations, styles and philosophy sprinkled with many colors, flavors and nuances. Eyes open; eyes closed. Clearing thoughts; watching thoughts. Sitting. Walking. Then sitting some more. One could spend a lifetime studying this fascinating art. At this stage of development in humanity it is crucial to understand meditation methods as the ancients did: Portals to the Soul. It is time to listen.

Essentially there are two different types of meditation: structured and unstructured. For example, meditating on the sky-like nature of your mind would be unstructured; meditating on your breath, structured.

I always suggest that one begins with the first of the two types of meditation, which is "structured" because the process of a meditation practice is simple...but not easy. There is a difference between simple and easy. When we're learning to meditate we use a structured method so that the mind has parameters already set-up for it; it's an easier way to focus. Let’s explore incorporating methods of meditation into our lives today—in this moment. Yes, right now. Guided Meditations (author's radio show)

Guided Meditation Script: Structured Meditation Methods

Here's a Guided Meditation Script:

"...So...first sit-up straight, yet maintain comfort in your position.

Consciously slow your breath.

Actually, "watch" your breath. Continue to slow it down.

Allow your awareness to feel the presence of yourself in the breath.

Maintain this calm, this tranquil abiding...

Be aware of how you feel. Sense your breath slowly flowing in and out at the indentation space, between your top lip and the tip of your nose. Softly touch there under your nose with your index finger (second finger) to feel the location.

Ah… now continue to breathe very slowly and consciously.

"Watch" this process of breathing, without judgment.

If your mind starts to wander...hey...it's okay. Just gently bring your focus back to the task at hand: Watching your breath. Like a bird that flies to a perch for rest before flying away again...let your mind relax by focusing on your breath.

Avoid becoming upset if your mind is jumping around like a wild drunken monkey! This is normal in the beginning of your practice. With compassion keep returning your attention to the breath—methodically going in and out.

Feel the air a bit cool going in, and warmer going out...

Be kind to yourself—and be patient. Relax your mind and let go.

FOCUS on the breath.

As thoughts arise just let them float away like the clouds in the sky temporarily obscuring the sun. Your thoughts are the clouds...they constantly move...so let them go…" ~ That's the END of your script.

Guided Meditation Script  - Photo by Rev Dr. Nancy from her private collection

YAY! You did it.

Wow…you may be thinking...that was simple. Gradually you'll practice 3-5 minutes, then build up to 10 minutes at-a-time and eventually longer... and longer. Listen to the music of the spheres. Your Soul delights in higher vibrations. There's more like this in my book, Doing a 360: Turning Your Life Around to Follow Soul's Purpose

Life-changing book chock-full of meditations

Yours with LOVE in the Greatest Degree, Nancy

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash, E-RYT is an ADL Ministerial Trainer, nationally registered with Yoga Alliance, and long-time practitioner of Dzogchen Meditation of Tibetan Buddhism. She writes from the foothills of the Sandia Mtns. in New Mexico

A Guided Meditation Script from Doing a 360, © Copyrighted, February, 2009, The Alliance of Divine Love Ministry

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