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Guru Padmasambhava, The Lotus Born

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Basic beliefs of Buddhism, Padmasambhava, The Lotus Born Thangka from Rev Nancy's Collection
One of the most basic beliefs of Buddhism is that Guru Padmasambhava of India is the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.
This photo here of a sacred thangka (Buddhist iconographical art) is of Guru Padmasambhava and the Tibetan Nyingma Lineage that he created in the eighth century AD. Commissioned as a gift for my 40th birthday by the sangha, I'm most blessed to have this very large thangka displayed in our home shrine room. To learn how to design a beautiful meditation space in your own home or apartment, you may wish to click here for helpful suggestions and tips

As a devoted Dzogchen practitioner of the Tibetan Vajrayana for more than twenty years, I'm delighted to help you learn about some basic Tibetan Buddhism beliefs. The emphasis of this discussion (and other related ones throughout this website) will specifically focus on the "heart" Nyingma branch of Tibetan Buddhism which is important, as you'll read.

Tibet, The Land of Snows The original pure teachings of The Buddha spread from India to the remote Himalayan Land of Snows in the eighth century AD. Tibetan King Trisong Deutsen had heard about and was interested in learning of the Buddha Dharma. Subsequently, he requested that the very famous spiritual teacher Padmasambhava come from India and give him sacred teachings and empowerments on the essential beliefs of Buddhism. If you are looking for even more essential info of Buddha's Teachings, (The Four Noble Truths and The Eight Fold Path, etc.) then please click here for my: Basic Beliefs of Buddhism Page

The Lotus Born Padma Sambhava is a Sankrit name, and means the "Lotus Born." In Tibet (and elsewhere by devotees) everyone reverently calls him Guru Rinpoche. Guru is Sanskrit for "one who removes the darkness" and in Tibetan the word is Lama. (Think of the most famous Tibetan Buddhist that you know of: His Holiness the Dalai Lama.) Also, the word Rinpoche means "precious one." Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava, is considered by Tibetan Buddhists to be the 2nd Buddha, and most definately the father or founder of Tibetan Buddhism. The Nyingma Lineage is the first of all lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetan word nying means heart, so it's the core to the tradition. The Nyingma-pas are therefore known as the original ancient ones of the Red Hat Lineage.

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