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Buddha's 360 Spherical Strategy: Skillful Means

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360 Buddhist Beliefs: Skillful Means was published and copyrighted (c) in print-form and online by the international ministry of The Alliance of Divine Love "ADL" in Dayspring, October, 2008, pg. 4.

Doing a 360
By Rev. Nancy Ash

Sacred Spherical Strategies for Optimal Living: 360 Skillful Means

I was asked recently: What do you mean exactly by the word spherical, as in spherical strategies? Spherical, as opposed to linear, means all encompassing, multi-dimensional, complete and whole. It is a view that leaves nothing out. Like standing on the top of the tallest mountain, and consciously seeing clearly in all directions...three hundred and sixty degrees.

Linear is in relation to length only. Spherical is globular. It is any round shape having the surface equally distant from the center at all points. So, what does all this have to do with living optimally? Well, as life here on the Earth plane continues to shift into higher and higher frequency levels, it is certainly imperative to understand how to adjust and balance ourselves during planetary transformation. With a well-rounded focus—a 360 awareness—we are able to see with mindfulness and clarity, thereby helping those according to their specific needs in the (GDL) Greatest Degree of Love.

The Buddha taught 2,500 years ago in a spherical way. He created one of the most sophisticated philosophical systems ever recorded. His teachings are layered like an onion so as you peel away each piece you come closer to the core, the emptiness, the pith instruction which is realization of your true nature, or ‘buddha nature.’ The word buddha is the past participle of the Sanskrit root word budh which means, “awakened.” Some mistakenly think there is only one: Buddha Shakyamuni. He is the historical buddha that sat under the famous bodhi tree in India and “woke up.” There are many Buddhas.

Buddhist beliefs and teachings offer inspiration and deep insight for people of all walks of life. He designed them in a 360 way because all of us have different levels of understanding depending upon our disposition, personality and temperament. It is said that Buddha would give ten different answers to the same question asked by ten different students.

This month’s Sacred Spherical Strategy is to practice what The Buddha called ‘skillful means’ in our methods of helping those we draw into our sphere of influence, whether they are students, clients, family or friends.

Be like Buddha—an awakened one—offering a spherical, or well-rounded approach in your Ministerial activities. As my 360 mentor Dr. Kaye used to teach: Don’t offer aspirin for a snake bite! If we are truly present in the moment while helping others, we are spacious and globular, ‘seeing’ a 360 view which is equal from the center—their center, as well as our own. That is skillful means… love in the greatest degree.

Yours in the Greatest Degree of Love, Nancy

The Rev. Nancy Ash is an ADL Ministerial Trainer, and long-time practitioner of Dzogchen of Tibetan Buddhism. She writes from foothills of New Mexico.

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