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Soul Plane on Earth: Rev Dr Nancy Ash, DD, PhD is the Certified Senior Ministerial and Doctoral Mentor of ADL Chapel #455 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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About (ADL) Alliance of Divine Love Ministers

Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. Ministers are certified and ordained only after completing training programs in counseling, teaching, healing and personal spiritual development… opening the portal to serve humanity.

Each candidate for the ministry must complete both study and practical application programs. Full ministerial status is conferred only after satisfactory completion of studies (must be finished within one year) and a one-year internship. Interns submit (SS-4 Form) and are issued an EIN# from the IRS to be fully LEGAL.

Alliance of Divine Love Ministers work only to enlighten and uplift souls - ADL is truly a full service, Interspiritual Healing Ministry. What is ADL?

"Soul Plane... Earth Plane"
Become a Federally Recognized Minister

Rev Dr Nancy ordaining 2 ministerial candidates
Rev Drs. Nancy Ash and Linda Marie Nelson

FAQs About ADL Ministerial Training

What Can I Do As An ADL Minister?

The privileges of your ministerial ordination are essentially unlimited as long as they fall in the spiritual realm or Soul plane. You take an Oath of The Rose to "teach, preach, and counsel by all means." You may legally perform sacred ceremonies including weddings and baptisms and may practice any area of specialty within the scope of the metaphysical and spiritual arts. Ministers are encouraged to achieve high levels of competency in their chosen areas of specialty, for example: Spiritual Stress Management Counseling

Through ADL's International charter, ordained ministers are granted ministerial privileges around our blessed planet… Soul plane on Earth. Individual ministers are assigned Chartered Chapels as legal subordinates to the central organization of the Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. which was founded in the early 1970s.

IMPORTANT: You'll be issued a Certificate of Charter, Chapel# and be assigned an EIN (employee identification number) from the IRS upon successful submission of a SS-4 Form, since ADL is a federally recognized non-profit Seminary. Ministers MUST consult their resident state or country for specific regulations - each has its own laws.

Who Is My Mentor... Where Is My Training?

Alliance of Divine Love (The ADL) individual instruction or group classes are offered ONLINE and in the greater metro Albuquerque area by The Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash.

ADL certified Ministerial Trainer and Doctoral Mentor Ash was awarded a Doctorate of Divinity Degree (DD) from the ADL Seminary and also holds a PhD in Religious Studies from Metropolitan University.

A heart-centered mystic of the ancient sacred ways, she's been an ordained interspiritual minister since 1985, and is author of the inspirational book, Doing a 360: Turning Your Life Around to Follow Soul's Purpose. For years she wrote a monthly column for the ADL "Love in Action" e-news publication formerly entitled, Dayspring.

Her most recent published book is a poetry collection, Garland of Grace (2014). She hosts a Web TV show, Kaleidoscope, part of the NewEarth Project Network on YouTube.

If you're guided to study with Dr. Ash, but live far away, you may take the Alliance of Divine Love classes via correspondence, either through SKYPE or ZOOM, via telephone conference supplemented by email.

You may join her programs at any time... let your Soul open the portal to Soul plane!

alliance of divine love ministerial class student

Ministerial Candidate smiles from her Soul during ceremony in 2011

If you feel guided elsewhere, ADL will work with you to assign a different trainer (other than Dr. Ash) who either shares your particular sacred interests or may best assist your heroic journey.

What Do I Study In This Training?

Initially, there are two courses in Spiritual Development required to complete training to become a minister: EVER CLOSER and EVEN CLOSER published by ADL. Study and written lessons from these unique workbooks are structured into one-hour sessions with a minimum of 35 contact hours - a legal requirement of federal regulation. Materials are designed to awaken consciousness spiraling into higher levels of self-actualization.


Anyone can take one or both of these life-changing courses… even those not desiring to be ordained.


EVER CLOSER and EVEN CLOSER introduce many levels of self-awareness that can be tapped to create a personal image aligned with Higher Self and Divine Love, thus easing tensions and stress of life in today's chaotic society—creating a platform for Divine Service. Further study, considered the third course, are MINISTERIAL LESSONS required for candidates seeking ordination as an Alliance of Divine Love Minister. Ethical/membership requirements must be maintained for legal privileges to continue as a Minister under the ADL Charter.

The various ministries of ADL clergy are as unique as each of us called to Divine Service. Many of us work in the public sector in social and medical institutions of healing and learning. Others practice their ministries in communities serving the social, financial or health-challenged. Some may not be as “active” as others, deciding to become members of the clergy only for personal growth with an intention of helping others in their own beautiful, inimitable way.

Like myself, some choose to teach or coach others in Oneness.

The nature of each ministry is an expression of Divine Love whether manifested as a Native American Sweat Lodge, a Healing Touch Practice, Yoga Therapy, Chakra Balancing, etc. All work is of the ONE SOURCE - all DIVINE LOVE IN ACTION. That is, remembering... opening the portal to their Soul Plane while living life consciously and deliberately on this precious Earth. All are welcome to study - always and all ways.

Soul Plane Alliance of Divine Love ADL publication Even Closer


How Long Does It Take To Become A Minister?

You must have all coursework finished with me within one year.

The personal spiritual growth and development courses set forth in Ever Closer and Even Closer may be completed in a flexible time-frame averaging 28 - 36 weeks. Candidates dedicated to Ministerial Lessons from the start of study may also complete the entire program within this time-frame.  As these studies comprise a more experiential program than just "answering questions in a workbook," individual progress toward completion is guided by both time commitment and personal engagement.

What’s My Next Step?

1) Compose a brief formal letter (one page is plenty) requesting entrance into the ADL Ministry. Explain why you wish to be ordained.

2) An application with fees are submitted to ADL. Once accepted you may begin your studies with me.

e-mail for details

Tuition Costs?

As of January 1, 2019 tuition for the entire program is still $1,200 ($300 application fee is part of the total tuition which is sent to ADL). Your full tuition includes all lessons, three text books, your Legal Pack and two Certificates and Chapel Charter, I.D. Card, and an Ordination Ceremony at an annual ADL Conference.

Is There An Internship?

Yes. Following successful completion of all required lessons and full ordination, new ADL Ministers are required to complete a one-year Internship. There is no tuition for Internship.

The nature of the Internship is developed prior to ordination by the ministerial student in cooperation with their ADL Mentor. It's designed to demonstrate the new minister's application of ADL's Divine Love principles in practice in whatever service represents the minister's "Divine Appointment" or sacred work. From the moment of Ordination and during subsequent Internship, you're entitled to legally practice within the scope of your ADL Chapel Charter, and enjoy all of the rights and privileges conveyed by your Alliance of Divine Love Ministry.

How Do I Maintain Legal Status?

You are required to pay an annual Ministerial Renewal Fee. As of 2019 that fee is $100.

You will be expected to live and practice by ADL's Ministerial Ethics to which you agree to, prior to ordination. That's a powerful manifestation of Soul Plane on Earth: The ADL, a blessed union of Souls.

Serve others as they open to their Soul Plane ADL Alliance of Divine Love

Soul Plane on Earth: Alliance of Divine Love:

The Alliance of Divine Love Credo

We affirm, that God is Love, that Love is the highest law of the universe, and that all other laws are subordinate.

We affirm, that all words of Love are Words of God.

We affirm, that Love is the giving, receiving and sharing of God's true substance and nature, and that this giving, receiving and sharing of Love can be accomplished through the use of psychic gifts, healing, astrology, and other related spiritual sciences.

We affirm, that God expresses His Love to mankind through spiritual-psychic phenomena, and that each individual may seek to expand and know themselves, God, and others in Love through the building of their own psychic-spiritual powers.

We affirm, that God may be directly perceived by humankind through extrasensory perception.

We affirm, that violence is not in accordance with Love, and we give our souls to the task of attaining both inner and outer peace.

We affirm, that death is a illusion, that life is eternal and that communication with souls who have shed the physical body is a fact.

We affirm, that the Words of Love and Brotherhood in Christ and other Great Spiritual Teachers should be preached and taught to all mankind.

Mind, Body, Soul-Spirit: Let Your Collective Soul Shine as You Awaken - Soul Plane on Earth

Soul Plane ... Alliance of Divine Love -  ADL Dayspring Cover


In-Depth Spiritual Development Program

The ultimate goal is to promote peace, truth, joy, and enlightenment for the Greatest Degree of Love

Full Federal (IRS) and 50 State Recognized Ordination

Recognized in most Western Countries

Automatic Access to Federal / IRS 501 (C)(3) Non-Profit Status

Major Tax Benefits

Perform Legal Ceremonies, including Weddings, Baptisms, Christenings, House Blessings, Funerals, Meditations, Sacraments, and Prayer Services

People of All Faiths are Graduates and Alumni

All Rights and Privileges Afforded to Ministers and Clergy

Legal Protection for Spiritual Counseling, Healing and the Practice of Intuitive/Psychic Arts

Your Training Includes:
1. Oneness: Spiritual and Psychic Understanding & Development
2. Counseling, Public Speaking, Ministerial Skills
3. Metaphysical Understanding of the World Religions
4. Spiritual Healing and Meditation Methods
5. Miracle of Love Insight: The Greatest Degree of Love

Re-Member Your Soul Plane in This Present Moment

The Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash, E-RYT

As an authorized Ministerial Trainer and Doctoral Mentor for the Alliance of Divine Love, Inc., a federally-recognized seminary, Rev Dr Nancy Ash, DD, PhD teaches ADL classes and Ministerial Training as an Interspiritual Program which leads to ordination and access to non-profit status.

The purpose of the program is to assist candidates to awaken inner awareness and spiritual commitment of their Soul Plane.


The first step taken is to complete a Ministerial Student Training Application which includes a mandatory letter of intent. This letter shares why you want to study the ministry.

Once approved by the ADL, and upon satisfactory completion of all coursework within one (1) year, the candidate receives legal ordination as an Alliance of Divine Love Minister (certificate of Ordination and a certificate of Charter), with all the responsibilities, privileges and blessings given this revered station. ADL Internship is one year.

This Ministerial Training Program is a three part/book series in which lessons are accomplished one section/series at a time.

SEMESTER 1 (Series I)
The first series is a 12-week study program EVER CLOSER. At the introductory stage, this class is taken as a spiritual awareness class or as a prerequisite to the ministerial class. The fee for this program includes the cost of the textbook EVER CLOSER. This class is recommended for all spiritual seekers and students regardless of their ordination aspirations on this Soul plane.

SEMESTER 2 (Series II)
The second series is a 12-week study class EVEN CLOSER. The goal of this class series is to guide each student to reach into the depths of their Being. All exercises are geared toward ongoing spiritual growth and intensity of self-knowledge. This series is taken as a prerequisite for ordination or as a personal growth program. When taken for the Ministerial Program, additional exercises and assignments are required in addition to the personal growth activities for each assignment. The fee includes the cost of the textbook, EVEN CLOSER. This class is recommended for all students and seekers that have completed EVER CLOSER (Series I).

Limited to candidates who have been accepted to the ADL Ministerial Program, this final series is 14 weeks (minimum) in duration. Candidates are required to have completed Series I Ever Closer and Series II Even Closer, providing a letter of verification from their Mentor. The main text used is MINISTERIAL LESSONS supported with other selected readings. The fee for this semester/series includes the main text, the study program, ordination fees, legal papers and processing fees. Graduation is marked with an Ordination Service.

Correspondence Studies allow students to pursue courses at their own pace, however all classes must be completed within one year. Additional correspondence fees covers mailing and processing costs. Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. offers this program as its mission to empower spiritual leaders, teachers, healers, counselors, students and intuitives to do the work of Holy Spirit or Universal Intelligence for a world of Oneness. A goal is to keep costs affordable while presenting a program that challenges one to be more closely aligned with the Spirit of God that is everywhere. This is a 're-membering' or real living from the Soul Plane while on Earth.

Let Your Collective Soul Shine as You Awaken Soul Plane on Earth

Soul Plane Alliance of Divine Love (ADL) Oath of The Rose

The Oath of The Rose

ADL holds a national gathering each year to provide opportunity for Ministers, Trainers, Doctoral Mentors/Mentees and family members to join in spiritual fellowship and share the grace. Conferences provide a special place for ordination ceremonies in which all Ministers take the "Oath of The Rose." Lifelong, deep and meaningful friendships develop from these meetings as well as learning and healing. With creative workshop offerings and divinely gifted healers in attendance, all go home refreshed and renewed, experiencing a profound spiritual uplifting - Soul plane on Earth.

The nature of these fun gatherings varies from traditional conference settings with nationally-recognized speakers and musical performances, to spiritual retreats for personal renewal with individual and group connection to Higher Source.

All Ministers are strongly encouraged to participate in these gatherings. Tapping into the LIGHT of a collective Soul Shine is a gift to give and receive.

Rev Dr Nancy feeding hungry children of India, 1995

Soul Plane Rev Nancy feeding the hungry children of India

India Pilgrimage with my mentor, Dzogchen Master Khenchen Palden Rinpoche

Training: write to Rev Dr Nancy Ash

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ADL (DDMS Program) Doctorate of Divinity

Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysics and Spirituality Degree (DD)
The Alliance of Divine Love Doctoral Program offers a Divinity Degree, and may be available to individuals who have become ordained ADL ministers, have obtained an EIN# with the IRS, have been working on their Internship and are members in good standing. Not all may qualify:

This is an intensive and challenging course of study.

Students must be prepared to spend three (3) years completing their studies, research and dissertation project. (All must be completed within 5 years). As a Doctoral Professor I'd be delighted to help guide you on this heroic journey.

Call or write for confidential application and details:

Thanks for visiting. May all be splendid for you and family. I'm creator and managing editor of "Doing a 360" which is a phrase coined through me in 2006 with divine inspiration.

Browse around these sacred circle pages for articles to explain what that means. Write or request a prayer. May you open the heart-portal to your Soul plane.

Yours in the Greatest Degree of Love, Heartfelt Blessings in Oneness, Namasté, Rev. Dr. Nancy

"Re-Member Your Soul Plane on Earth"

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